Cedarbrook Community Center Mural

This mural of the Toronto Skyline showing all four seasons was planned by the Y.O.U.T.H. group at Cedarbrook C.C. and was painted by mainly 4 individuals, which included Nevita. It was completed in 2014.

The column

There were many blank columns leading up to the wall where the mural was done. So we had the idea to each draw a design on each side of one of them and for the opening night everyone was allowed to paint and fill the shapes. 

The side with the many interlocked shapes is the side that I had worked on. Some of the shapes were left unfinished and so we had to fill them in afterwards. This was a spontaneous addition to the mural and I'm very happy that it was made with the collaboration of everyone who came to support us.

Cedarbrae C.I. Mural - Art Hallway

This INVC Mural at Cedarbrae C.I., which was planned by OCADU graduate, Phil Cote, features a Native American village and different species of birds indigenous to Canada. Each bird was chosen and painted by a student.

Unfortunately the student who chose this red-bellied woodpecker could not make it in to paint it, and so Nevita was asked to complete it in order to finish the mural on time. This bird is her contribution to the mural, along with some landscape touch-ups.

Cedarbrae C.I. Equity Mural

The Cedarbrae C.I. Equity Mural was planned from start to finish by Ms. Basil's senior art class of 2015. Each section of the mural represents one of the "pillars" of equity and includes imagery and a quote relating to each one. Spanning 67 lockers long, It was completed in 2015. 

Panel Section: Gender

Panel Section: Disability

Panel Section: Ethnicity

Panel Section: Class

Panel Section: Sexual Orientation

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